Meet the Maker


Leann Burns

I was solely a self taught silversmith about 3 years ago and then ended up taking a class at the Dallas Craft Guild to fill in some of the gaps of my knowledge. It was here that I learned how to add gold details to my designs which is what I love to do most. Just a touch of gold brings a unique and multi layered design element to my work. Sterling silver is a magical metal that can be shaped and formed into anything. I am always amazed by the materials I work with.

All of my jewelry starts with a natural gemstone that Mother Nature has provided. I never get tired of the endless colors and patterns in gemstones. I hand pick all of my stones and each piece is custom designed and made with the gemstone as the center point. I often use flowers and nature motifs in my designs because I find myself inspired with these endless motifs. My jewelry is an expression of my love and passion for the natural world.

I hope that my designs reflect my love of the natural world and also show a high level of craftsmanship. I work diligently to add new skills to my repertoire and to continue to perfect the skills I already have. You can expect to wear my jewelry for a lifetime if taken care of properly.

I am dedicated to sharing my appreciation of the world's natural beauty. I select stones and design jewelry to inspire, amaze, and invigorate others in their artistic endeavors and everyday lives. I hope that you can find a piece of jewelry to love.


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